ComfortStall Flooring System

 Why ComfortStall® Flooring System?

ComfortStall® is a veterinarian recommended padded and sealed flooring system that goes beyond comfort, resulting in healthier horses, better air quality in the stable, and substantial cost savings.

ComfortStall makes a profound difference in horses’ respiratory and musculoskeletal health

  • Your horse’s joints, tendons and ligaments are supported by the therapeutic properties of our level surface that “springs” back with every step. The equine performance industry reports noticeable improvement in movement, flexibility, hoof quality and the reduction of stocking up.
  • Comfort = quality rest. Horses are seen resting more often, and for longer periods of time. This is due to the energy-returning properties of the underlying foam layer. Your horses will enjoy the recuperative and restorative effects similar to our human experience of sleeping on a bed, versus the camping experience of sleeping on the ground.
  • Thanks to the non-slip, non-abrasive surface, hock sores are a thing of the past! Horses get up without scuffling – their body weight sinks their hooves down, giving them the “purchase” to rise with ease. Also, horses undergoing rehab, lay-up and surgical recovery will be buoyed by the gently supportive closed-cell foam under-layer.
  • Insulates from the cold and damp of concrete floors. The working temperature of our medical grade padding is -75°F to 175°F
  • Air quality in barns is greatly improved because the sealed one-piece design prevents the build-up of harmful urea, its off-gassing of ammonia, and bacteria.

The ComfortStall® Advantage

  • ComfortStall has made the need to use shavings for protection from the native floor obsolete.
  • Less shavings = less labor + smaller manure pile + no maintenance = reduced costs.
  • ComfortStall’s ROI Calculator runs the numbers for you, proving the typical capital investment payback is less than one year.
  • Once installed, ComfortStall stays put! Never again correct a heavy mat that has shifted, or strain to remove stall mats to clean the urine and bacteria build-up underneath.
  • Horses sleeping on naked ComfortStall flooring have been observed sleeping for two hours at a time, getting the REM deep sleep that they need for the best rest.
  • Because horses can get “purchase” on the Comfortstall surface, there’s no slipping as they get up from the floor. There’s also “give” under the hip bone when horses lie down.
  • Reports confirm that within weeks of installing ComfortStall, the need for wrapping horses’ legs disappeared, and horses’ legs didn’t stock up.

An Investment That Pays Dividends for Years and Years!

Quality stall flooring is a barn feature that pays off. ComfortStall flooring offers easy maintenance and less bedding – features that save you time and money. You reduce the cost of bedding, and you reduce labor with less time spent to add or remove bedding. Owners who have installed ComfortStall report reducing bedding costs as much as 75% – without sacrificing comfort.

Eliminate Your Stall’s Petrie Dish …

Respiratory health begins with eliminating urine escape routes.  Traditional stall mats have seams and gaps which create the perfect place for urine to disappear, then it’s out of sight, out of mind — at least until the ammonia starts to rise up from the depths of the stall. ComfortStall solves the problem at the source!

The Secret to ComfortStall’s Superiority is Our Unique and Exclusive Combination of Veterinarian Recommended Components

  1. The heart of a ComfortStall is our proprietary orthopedic padding that delivers the spring-in-your-step, anti-fatigue benefit unique to our flooring system.  It completely mitigates the fatigue factor many horses experience when standing on concrete or traditional rubber mats, which are typically only 3% softer than concrete. With a working temperature range of -75 to 175 degrees F, this padding layer insulates against cold and heat, is waterproof, absorbs vibration and shock, and offers energy return.  We laminate three layers together for structural stability which affords a stable, level surface.  When a horse walks across a ComfortStall, it’s easy to see the momentary hoofprints that demonstrate the cushioning and energy return this flooring system provides.
  2. The brain of our system is the IronClad™ TopCover – it is pliable enough to deliver the therapeutic benefits of the padding it protects, yet tough enough to outlast everything but concrete.  It is a single-piece rubber sheet comprised of five layers: two layers of tough, tightly woven polyester/nylon mesh sandwiched between three layers of dense vulcanized rubber. IronClad TopCovers provide 15-20 years of use, as they are reversible … an industry first!
  3. HDPE plastic anchor strips hold each one-piece IronClad TopCover in place around all four stall walls, acting like baseboards. This creates an impermeable barrier to prevent urine and other undesirable moisture from seeping through to the sub-floor, making it extremely easy to clean, disinfect, swab, mop or even hose out, thus eliminating laborious, long-term maintenance issues caused by the accumulation of ammonia and harmful bacteria, prevalent with most other types of flooring.

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Cornell University Veterinary School
ComfortStall® – The Choice for Cornell University Veterinary Hospital

1,000 horses a year at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital recover from surgery on a ComfortStall®

Today at Cornell University Veterinary Hospital’s Surgery and Anesthesia Department, up to six horses a day undergo surgery, and afterward, every one of them recovers on ComfortStall flooring.

A thousand horses a year would test the capabilities of any stall flooring, especially in a veterinary hospital environment where the strictest biosecurity measures include sterilizing flooring and walls with caustic ingredients between every equine occupant. The ComfortStall flooring in their four recovery stalls has passed that intensive test ever since it was installed in 2007.

Rigorous testing is a tradition for Cornell and ComfortStall. In 2007, Comfortstall’s IronClad™ TopCover was launched after 18 months of stringent testing at Cornell University Vet Hospital. Together with their recommendation in 2003 of medical grade foam padding, this veterinarian-recommended direction turned ComfortStall into the industry leader in quality.

ComfortStall® Anti-Fatigue Therapeutic Stall Flooring Warranty


  • Our track record allows us to offer ayear manufacturer’s warranty on the entire ComfortStall system, valid from the date of purchase, unlike our competitors who offer limited 1- or 2-year warranties. Some terms and conditions apply.
  • Our exclusiveIronClad™ TopCover is fully warranted by the manufacturer/fabricator for a full year against any

After 18 years in business, we can confidently state:

  • The ComfortStall system has a life expectancy of 15– 20 years because of our continued emphasis on research and development.
  • The IronClad reinforced rubber topcover is100% waterproof AND reversible, an industry first. With over 10 years of 100% satisfaction and zero claims, we estimate the life expectancy of our exclusive IronClad topcover to be over 20 years.

Our Exclusive Components Invented, Manufactured and Fabricated in the USA

ComfortStall’s components are exclusively ours – neither its proprietary orthopedic padding approved by the Cornell Vet Hospital nor its IronClad Topcover is available from any other company.  No other stall flooring can claim such extraordinary quality, ongoing health benefits and reliable longevity. And it can be installed on ANY well-compacted base.

Our IronClad TopCover won’t stretch out of shape, wrinkle or “bubble”, and punch-throughs or tears are virtually impossible. Competing flooring companies sell a vulnerable geotextile top cover that does all of the above, and once compromised, soaks up bodily fluids such as urine and wears very quickly because it is fabric based.

ComfortStall’s durability and therapeutic value have been proven in the laboratory as well as in the stable. In the lab, a simulated horse leg was loaded with 400 lbs. and then pounded over 100,000 impressions into the same spot. The result was minimal compaction. Thanks to Cornell for introducing us in 2003 to the materials we use in manufacturing ComfortStall’s triple-laminated closed cell, high-performance engineered PE foam, which prevents the padding from bottoming out even under horses weighing over 1,600 lbs.

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ComfortStall® – The Choice of Top Equestrian Facilities and Clinics

“I believe that the ComfortStall Flooring System has significantly improved the well-being of my horses. My barn of foxhunters and show-jumpers work very hard in their athletic careers. They have plenty of turn-out in their management, but all spend 12 hours daily in their stalls. Walking on the ComfortStall myself makes it obvious that the horses experience less concussion while moving around their stalls and greater comfort when lying down. My grooms have even installed the ComfortStall in the tack room to stand on when cleaning tack!”

Lynn Lloyd, MFH
Red Rock Hounds – Reno, NV

“To sterilize a stall with rubber mats, I used to haul the mats out, hose them down, and leave them out to dry – a half day job! The ComfortStall system is seamless and only takes half an hour to sterilize, and I don’t have the dried urine and manure buildup that occurs under mats. We stabled a foundered horse on the ComfortStall. He was a big gelding and was up and down a lot; he didn’t develop any pressure sores.”

Chari Perce
Aspen Equine Clinic – Windsor, CA

“Running a 20 stall facility has its moments, but the funniest is having to caution new hires that no, the horses are not sick and the vet is not needed. Why? The ComfortStall has turned our athletes into a bunch of flat-out nappers. Lying down and getting their rest. Most amazing is that within weeks of installation we no longer do standing wraps. The memory of the flooring is providing circulation to the feet and legs. ”

Thad Carr

Veterinarian Richard Perce and his wife, veterinary technician Chari, installed the ComfortStall Flooring System in their Equine Clinic: “In my 40 years of practice, the ComfortStall is by far the best stall flooring system.”

Dr. Richard Perce, DVM

Aspen Equine Clinic – Windsor, CA

“I’m not given to falling for every product that comes along claiming miracle ‘cures’ or extolling questionable virtues that actually are minimally useful at usually exorbitant expense. The ComfortStall product, however, is durable, affordable and exceptionally beneficial in the ongoing effort of providing excellent care and management of our equine partners. I’ve been a horse owner and trainer for over 40 years and couldn’t recommend it more highly, ultimately because I believe that every horse should exist in comfort and well-being while in our hands.”

Kaye Love
Owner of Fleet Apple, Team Silver, 1972 Olympics – Huntover Farm, Sebastopol, CA

ComfortStall® Customers  

Since we started marketing ComfortStall with the IronClad™ Topcover in November of 2007, we have had a steady stream of customers who, without exception, are thrilled with the performance of this system.  100% customer satisfaction must be some kind of record in the horse world!

“Rocky ‘in action’ lying on his ComfortStall! He is really using it well.  Never misses a good night’s sleep anymore, e.g., if the weather is bad outside.  And, most importantly, NO more hock sores!!!!! I’m sooo happy!”

Susan Paik

Hauppauge, NY

Who’s Using ComfortStall?

Annwyn Equestrian Center, Tampa, FL

Aspen Equine Clinic, Windsor, CA

Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, Surgery and Anesthesia Dept., Ithaca, NY

Courtney Linde, Liberty Performance Horses, Pilot Point, TX
Dick Randall, Lost Trail Ranch, Ione, CA

Dr. John O’Brien, DVM, O’Brien Veterinary Hospital, Bowling Green, KY

Dr. Kate Shoemaker, DVM, Peoria, AZ

Dr. Mark Silverman, DVM, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Dr. Mitzi Treske, DVM, Providence Equestrian, Waxhaw, TX

Dr. Stuart Price, University of Illinois Veterinary School, Urbana, IL

Dr. Susan Schneider, DVM, Montrose, CO

El Sueno Equestrian Center, Somis, CA

Hampton University Equestrian, Hampton, VA

Helene Asmis, Santa Fe, NM

Jacobs Family, Deeridge Farm, Wellington, FL & Aurora, NY

Kent Olson, Willow Butte Cattle Co., Ltd., Red Deer, Alberta

Lauren Sprieser, Sprieser Sporthorses, Marshall, VA

Mary Dowdall, MDM Farms, Cotati, CA

Malcolm McNaughton, Woodside, CA
Red Rock Hounds, Reno, NV

Rhys Winery Stables, Woodside, CA

River Grove Farm/Debbie McDonald, Sun Valley, ID

Rusty Stewart, Grey Fox Farm, Camarillo, CA

Stanford University Equestrian Center, Palo Alto, CA

Steeples Veterinary Clinic, Cranbrook, BC

Sun Meadows Equestrian Center, Kamloops, BC

Sweetlake Land & Quarter Horses, Bell City, LA

Tyler Morris, Morris Communications, Cresson, TX
Valiente Polo, Wellington, FL

White Aspen Ranch, Billings, MT